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The Most Essential Pieces Of Office Equipment
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The Most Essential Pieces Of Office Equipment
Starting a business is so much more than a great idea. It’s great planning, great management, and a great understanding of what makes all the most successful businesses work. 

Don't underestimate the impact a well equipped office will have on the running of your business. Investing in the right office equipment in the right way can save you a lot of time, money and effort, and allow you to concentrate on making your business a success.

1. Desktop Computers or Laptops
There is absolutely no denying that a laptop or desktop is the most vital piece of office equipment in the 21st century. Every business decision you make will likely go through your computer in some way, whether through an email, research, data analysis, or theoretical simulations. Computers are calculators, translators, word processors, photo editors, and most importantly a global network. 

2. Printer/Photocopier/Scanner
Yes we live in the 21st century, and yes emails are sent at the speed of light hundreds of times a day, but the importance of keeping hard copies of emails, information and business decisions can separate a great business from a failing business. A photocopier will allow you to make multiple copies of a document that you haven't got an electronic version of, a scanner will allow you to file it digitally, and a printer will allow you to print that digital copy out years later when all hard copies have been destroyed or lost. It goes without saying that printers, photocopiers and scanners are seamlessly connected and help an office run smoothly. 
Printers will not only print wordy documents, they are able to print high quality images and photographs onto a seemingly endless range of printer paper. Your business may be hosting an event to publicise your brand, with a good quality printer and photo paper, you can create and print leaflets, posters, and temporary signage. Approaching your marketing this way will save you money, and allow you to exercise your creativity. 

3. Office Stationery
The importance of keeping pens and paper close to hand cannot be understated, with a new business, ideas for growth can happen anytime and anywhere, and it is frustrating if you cannot get those ideas down on paper. You also run the risk of forgetting your groundbreaking idea, which could be very disheartening. Having paper to hand when you take an important phone call is also vital, you can be given important information at anytime and committing that information to memory is unreliable. Having hard copies of information is great management practise.
Obviously it is impossible to rank the importance of any singular piece of office equipment as it differs for every company and business. If you deal in sensitive client information, a shredder is a vital piece of machinery, where this may not be vital for a company that practises exclusively on a digital platform.
We wanted to highlight the importance of printing and photocopying for a new business. We offer equipment renting that guarantees you get the latest technology and superb maintenance from highly experienced engineers.  Unsure of why you should consider renting your office machinery? Check out this page. Or give us a call on 0800 953 1597 for more info. Find your nearest branch here.

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