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5 Common Printer Problems & How to Fix Them | Equipment Rentals
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5 Common Printer Problems and How to Fix Them
Printing delays are costly to businesses – fact.

Here are the most common printer problems you could experience and how to deal with them.
Problem 1: Slow Printing

You have an important deadline to meet and all you need to do it print off several copies of your presentation slides, you’re meeting starts in ten minutes but the printer is running at one page a minute. Sound familiar?

A slow print time can be caused by the wrong resolution settings or a lack of memory.

High-resolution images and documents have a lot more data for your printer and computer to process, so when it comes to printing, the process time holds the whole print job up. If you are not looking to print your images in high quality, consider changing your settings to standard or normal mode. When it is time to print high-quality images you can return your settings back to high-quality.

If printing high-quality images is a regular occurrence in your office, consider adding more memory to keep your printer ready to manage the bigger jobs.

Problem 2: Paper Jams

There is nothing worse than a paper jam, except trying to clear the paper jam, resending your print job, only to have the same problem occur.
Resolving a paper jam is fairly straightforward, but understanding why can be a trial and error process.

When resolving a paper jam, make sure you remove all tiny pieces of paper from the machine, the moving parts get extremely hot and any fragments of paper pose a fire hazard. The reasons behind a paper jam can vary, start by inspecting the paper tray and ensuring that the paper is aligned correctly. Most paper trays have a size guide which shows what size paper the printer will expect to print on, so if the guides are set incorrectly for your paper size, the printer will not be ready and might jam the machine. Sometimes the paper tray may be misfeeding, this happens when the rollers taking the paper into the machine do not remove a single sheet in a smooth motion or if it collects several sheets at once.

Is your paper weight correct for the machine? You might not be able to tell the difference between 280gsm and 300 gsm, but your printer will know. During the printing process, the paper will navigate tight turns and bend in ways some paper weights cannot cope with. Forcing a printer to print a weight that it is not built to print will cause a paper jam time and time again.

Problem 3: Smudged Prints

You’ve just printed a hundred high quality colour images only to notice that there is a smudge on every single sheet.

There are a number of different solutions for this problem which you can check yourself.

Does the paper in your paper tray match the weight you have told the printer to expect? Is your toner running low in a particular colour? Have you given the printer heads a clean through the printer settings?

Problem 4: Nothing Printing

At least with a paper jam you know the machine is working. When nothing is printing, panic can start to set in. Thankfully there are a number of simple fixes that could work.

Firstly, make sure you are sending the print job to the right printer. Hopefully you’ll find your job printed twenty times on the printer downstairs. You can make your printer the default for your computer to avoid this happening in the future. Secondly, is there paper in the machine? It sounds silly to say, but sometimes you can overlook this simple solution in the stress of missing your deadline. Thirdly, are all the correct cables in your computer and printer? A loose cable has been the cause of much heartbreak in the past, and we’re sure it will be in the future.

Finally, a simple reset should do the job. Start with the printer, and then the computer if the issue isn’t resolved.

Problem 5: All of the above!

You’re experiencing all these problems consistently. Well it is time to update your technology.

Thankfully Equipment Rentals are able to offer the latest high quality printers, photocopiers, and scanners for your office, whether you rent or lease. We know that your next printer choice can be limited by budget and cash flow, but by renting or leasing, you can spread the cost of the latest technology and concentrate on making your business a success.

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