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4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Renting Office Equipment
Questions you should ask yourself before enquiring about a printer or copier rental or leasing. 

Who will use the equipment? 

Selecting a photocopier or printer based on price may seem tempting as a way to reduce your immediate expenditure, but without consideration for the number of people using the device, you risk acquiring a device not fit for purpose. Whilst a smaller A4 printer may be a fraction of the cost, can it sustain the heavy workload put upon it by an office full of users? Probably not. You'll experience problems with the device which will cause a queue of documents to build up and your business will lose time and money. 
In addition to thinking about how many people will use the device, think about whether you have any planned growth coming up in the future. The benefit of renting a device is that you can upgrade it during the contract, but if you know the equipment may become insufficient soon, seek a better model. 

What documents will you need to print? 

You may regularly print black and white only, it is good practice for maintaining costs and saving ink, but don't just rent a black and white device if you may someday need to use colour. Likewise, if you will never have a need to print colour, go for a black and white machine. 
Similarly, if you are seeking a 'fleet' of machines, don't just opt for the same device for all users and departments. Consider where the machines are going to be used and what purpose. 

Do you require additional attachments? 

Often overlooked are the additional features. If you are hiring equipment for an event and are looking to create booklets, you might consider a booklet maker. We can provide you with small hand-fed machines, or larger automated devices which take the stress out of larger print jobs. 

How will you pay for the equipment? 

There are many pros and cons to buying, leasing, and renting office equipment. Each can be a viable option for you, so make sure you read up about the benefits of each and understand the limitations of your decision.

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