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Starting A Business In London | Equipment Rentals
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Starting A Business In London
Don’t believe everything you read and watch in the media; despite the political and economic mayhem predicted for 2017, London entrepreneurs created a surge in the number of start-ups registered in the capital. Over 216,000 new businesses were registered in London last year, which is an increase of 6.45% on the previous year. Across the country, similar figures were seen, registrations of new companies rose by 5.7% to a record high 660,000.
Camden kept its spot as London’s most favoured location for start-ups, as 23,582 new companies were registered inside the borough.  Hackney, Islington, Westminster, and Newham completed the top five London boroughs.

Setting Up an Office as a Start-Up

Starting a business is a lot more than great idea. It takes great planning, management, and forward thinking. Having the latest technology to fit out your office also helps and can dramatically reduce your time doing admin related tasks, leaving you to focus on growth and expansion, however, where can you get the latest high-performance technology when you have cash flow and not cash on hand?
Renting office equipment may be the best and most feasible option for you to have unlimited access to top equipment over a sustained payment plan. Unlike most equipment rental companies, we do not require credit checks, so if your business is so new that it is unable to obtain credit, do not worry!
We have designed our rental agreements to be totally bespoke to your business – we are happy to make changes as per your situation – and we are totally flexible. In our 25 years of service in the equipment industry we have never refused any genuine rental proposal.

What We Can Supply

We have a great range of colour and mono multifunction printers and photocopiers; they come in a range of sizes and models, but are all up to date machines. We have booklet makers, cutter creasers, paper folding machines, guillotines and trimmers, shredders, laminators, electrical staplers and punches all available for hire to help fit out you new office space.
We can also supply, install and support Microsoft Server computer network systems with all the related cabling and equipment.

Check out our full range of equipment here.

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