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5 Top Tips To Keep Your Photocopier Working Perfectly
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5 Top Tips To Keep Your Photocopier Working Perfectly
Most of us are stuck in a bad habit with electrical equipment. That is to say, that regular maintenance is rarely, if ever, something we commit to. Most of the time, our electrical goods work perfectly... until they don’t, and when they do go wrong we’re so baffled that we have to call in the experts and pay out for costly repairs.

The same goes for your office machinery – more than likely it is sitting in your office right now doing its job as it is supposed to, but when was the last time it was offered some TLC?

To ensure your photocopier is working at peak performance for as long as possible, here are some top maintenance tips you can easily perform right now!

Turn It Off
When you leave your office for the weekend you turn your lights off right? Of course you do. How often does the photocopier get overlooked as something that needs turning off? Did the photocopier also come with a cover? Over the weekend the dust flying around the office is given time to settle and collect, of all the places you do not want dust to settle it is the photocopier.

This maintenance tip takes less than 30 seconds to complete once a week but could seriously prolong the life of the machine.

Keep the Air Intake Clear
At the back of the machine should be a panel which sucks in cool air and pumps it around the machine to help prevent overheating. The problem is, as mentioned before, there is often a lot of dust that circulates in the air. Photocopiers have overcome this by adding filters to prevent as much dust as it can from entering... the issues arise when the filter gets blocked up with dust due to poor maintenance and the machine overheats because it is not getting enough cool air.

It is recommended that the air filters are changed at least once a month to consistently pull in cool clean air.

Keep the Paper Fresh
Paper that has been sitting in the paper tray for a long time will eventually collect dust, moisture and debris. Often microscopic amounts, but if left for a very long time it will build up. The last thing you need is moisture and debris getting into the vital components of the photocopier. Next time you go to top up the paper, take out what is left at the bottom first. It’s highly likely that this paper has been sitting there for a long time.

Clean the Glass
Producing and replicating clear crisp documents is the reason why you bought or hired a photocopier in the first place, but if you aren’t regularly cleaning the glass screen on which your documents are being scanned and copied then are you really getting your monies worth?

You know that really important document you have to scan? You’d hate to send it to that important client only to later find that there was an embarrassing smudge on every single page due to some debris on your glass. We recommend giving the glass a wipe every couple of weeks.

Use Pressurised Air
Buy some pressurised air in a can and give your photocopier a complete once over of all the nooks and crannies to get rid of the small traces of dust that could build up. Don’t forget about the paper trays, but maybe take the paper out first!  

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