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Easy Ways To Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly
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Easy Ways To Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly

Most businesses these days are at least conscious of their carbon footprint and whilst they may want to improve their eco-friendliness these businesses just don’t know how to, or find the time to, make the effort. Here we have identified some easy steps you could take to improve the environmental aspects of your company.

Water Conservation

Having a leaky tap in your toilet or kitchen may only bother you for several minutes a day, then as soon as you leave the room it is easy to forget about it. But that dripping tap will continue to drip all day and all night, every day and every night, until you fix it. Each drip is contributing to the thousands of litres of water each year that is simply going to waste. How much money is this costing your business?


We’ve known about this for a very long time, but how many businesses are imploring its staff to practise regular recycling. Having separate bins for paper, card, plastic and glass will encourage people to use them. Most households in the UK already practise this, so the concept of recycling in this way is not strange.

Replace Old Appliances

Old electrical appliances will deteriorate over time and become a lot less energy efficient. Newer appliances are being created and redesigned all the time and these may have been improved in energy efficiency. Utilising the newer technology available will most likely speed your business procedures up and you’ll reduce your energy consumption which will save you money.

Source from Sustainable Suppliers

With the money saved from the previous tips, you could afford to spend a little bit extra on changing suppliers to an eco-friendlier one who supports sustainability. If you consume a lot of paper for printing, you could source this from a supplier selling recycled paper, or one that supports a sustainable forest.

Choose a Managed Print Service

A managed print service will analyse how you consume printing equipment and find underlying issues with your efficiency and document security. Its main goal is to find ways of controlling your business expenditure and improving efficiency. Because of this you’ll find your business runs more economical and is supportive of an eco-friendly lifestyle. By reducing the amount of paper, you use in printing, you are requiring less paper and contributing less to the cutting down of trees.

Find out more about our Managed Print Services here.

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