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Developing A New Office Cleaning Regime | Equipment Rentals
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Developing A New Office Cleaning Regime
With government lockdown restrictions being lifted, many businesses are heading back to work or making preperations to go back. What is very clear is that normal practice within the office is not going to be the same anymore. But what does this mean for shared equipment, and how can you ensure it remains safe to use for everyone? 

Shared equipment such as printers and photocopiers are known to habour bacteria even outside of a global pandemic, and it is always advised to regularly disinfect high touch point areas such as touch screens, buttons, paper trays and the glass screen. However, during this pandemic and for the foreseeable the frequency you disinfect these areas should increase. It's recommended that a thorough cleaning regime is developed so that the entire office receives a deep clean as often as possible, but also educating your employees to practice sensible hygiene procedure. To help promote this idea of safe practice it is advised to provide sanitising wipes and hand-gel in mulitple locations aroudn the office and particularly next to these high touch point areas. 

If staff members sanitised the photocopier before and after usage, then the risk of contamination is severely reduced. 

Most offices are now having to work at a reduced capacity and bringing staff in on a part-time basis so that multiple teams can be developed to avoid cross-over. However, what this means, particularly in smaller offices where abiding by the 2 meter distancing rule is more difficult, is that it is likely that people will be required to share desks with staff members from previous and future shifts. It is therefore, again, imperative to create a strict cleaning schedule for the end of each day. It is also the responsibility of the staff member to disinfect their workstation before and after working. 

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