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Business Based in Birmingham?

Copier Hire
By providing only the latest cutting edge technology to our customers, we offer photocopier hire Birmingham services which best reflect current technology and innovation. You can hire any equipment for a day, week, or even longer, giving you access to what you need and for the required length of time to ensure projects are completed effectively. We also monitor our machines remotely using our Data Service System, helping us discover faults well before they become a major issue.

Copier Lease
If you need copier lease Birmingham services, then we offer affordable solutions which match with your specific requirements relating to cash flow and budgeting. Operating as Licensed Credit Brokers, you can rest assured only the most up-to-date and professional advice will ever be provided.

Printer Hire
Covering a broad range of models, we’re certain to have the most appropriate printing solutions to fit your specific requirements. This could be printing large format images or getting a large volume of copies printed within a proficient timeframe.

Printer Lease
Being subject to one fixed tax detectable quarterly cost makes printer leasing a great option for many businesses. Compared to the typically complicated deprecation schedule following an outright purchase, this offers a far more cost-effective solution all-round. Your cash flow will then be freed up to focus on other areas of your business.

Scanner Hire
A wide range of businesses around Birmingham have used our scanner hire services. Just some of the many sectors would be hospitality, media production and construction.

Scanner Lease
Keep your business at the centre of cutting edge technology with our scanner leasing. As Licensed Credit Brokers, our customers will receive professional advice which is tailored towards their needs alone.

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