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3 Simple Steps To Go Paperless This Year | Equipment Rentals
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3 Simple Steps To Go Paperless This Year
When running a business it pays to streamline your operations to help cut costs, save time, and run a more efficient office which keeps your employees happier and under less pressure. One way most businesses are doing this is by going paperless. Of course, this is much easier for start-ups and small businesses who have less paperwork lying around, but it is not an impossible task for established businesses with years’ worth of paper in the office.

Here are 3 simple steps to go paperless this year:

Dig out all your paperwork, work out what is important and what is just cluttering up your office. Start scanning these documents onto your computers and organise them exactly as you had done, except digitally. This seems like an overwhelming task, to begin with, but once you start you’ll begin to see the difference almost immediately.

Since going paperless is a singular event – once it’s done, it’s done – you may not see the value in outright purchasing an All In One Photocopier, capable of printing, copying, and scanning. With us, you can hire the equipment you need safe in the knowledge that the equipment is in perfect condition and on its return to us will be reset so that no data is retrievable. Your documents remain private to you. Take a look at our range of photocopiers here.

What to do with your printed documents? After scanning them in and ensuring that you don’t actually need to keep hold of the physical document, the best way to dispose of the data is to shred it. Simply throwing the documents away risks them being discovered at some point and the critical data being stolen or misused.

Again, purchasing a good quality shredder that is capable of destroying multiple pages may not seem like a good investment for you, since this will only happen once. At Equipment Rentals you can hire a shredder alongside your scanner, and return it to us after your use has passed. 

With bagfuls of shredded documents, you may be tempted to simply throw it in the bin; after all, you’ve protected your data by shredding it. We would recommend not doing that – there are far more productive ways of disposing of the documents. Recycling is one option, reusing it is another. 

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