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How To Choose Whether To Rent Or Buy A Printer? | Equipment Rentals
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Buying a Printer vs Renting a Printer
How to Choose Whether to Rent or Buy a Printer?
So you're a business and you need a new printer; to buy or to rent, that is the question.
Buying a Printer
Well, buying a printer is a fantastic option for you. That is if you are willing to search through hundreds of printer options where prices can be anywhere from £25 for a low-quality option to £100,000 for the most advanced office option. But let’s say you find one that is in your budget and you are satisfied with the quality.
Then you are hit with the realisation of the continued cost of stationary for it. In many cases the on-going cost of consumables is more expensive than the original printer. Consumables include paper, ink, toner, and maintenance. It must also be noted that the price of these consumables can and will fluctuate. This is unavoidable.
Okay so now you have balanced your budget and can manage the cost of the stationary. Your machine then breaks and is out of action until you fix it, or you call a technician out. For every minute you’re without your machine your business is losing money, and you’re losing time.
Two years later and thankfully your printer had no more issues, it still works, but it is outdated technology. The new model does everything your printer does and more. You decide to sell. But who is going to buy an old outdated printer, it isn’t a good investment for someone in the future. Binning it? Not likely. Think about data protection, machine disposal is not as simple as it once was.

Renting a Printer
Renting a printer is a fantastic option for you. Our catalogue is filled with the latest technology at an affordable price. We have A3 Colour MFPs ranging from 22ppm models up to 75ppm devices, A3 Mono MFPs ranging from 22ppm to 60ppm models, and colour and mono A4 ranges. All this equipment can be rented over a period of time suitable to you and with a payment plan that is affordable for your business.
When you rent a printer with Equipment Rentals you can be assured that if your copier parts needs replacing, we will replace it free of charge. If your printer needs more toner, we will replace that too – free of charge.
More often than not, we actually notice your machine is broken before you do; we regularly remotely monitor your equipment and will send out a highly skilled technician to fix any machine issues, service the machine, or in the event we cannot fix the machine, we’ll replace it.
While you’re renting the machine a newer model comes out. It has better specifications and will suit your needs even better. Not to worry, cancel the contract and take out another rental. This will not affect your chance to rent with us, and in fact we understand that it makes perfect sense! That’s why we offer short and long term rental, not just leasing.

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