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How To Cut The Cost Of Printing? - Equipment Rentals
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How To Cut The Cost Of Printing?
It is easy to forget about the build up of printing costs, a couple of sheets printed here, a couple of accidental colour copies there, they seem insignificant, but actually, they can build up to quite a substantial cost. Relax though – it is simple to change your printing habits and make your office run more efficiently and cost effective.
Draft Mode
If you absolutely have to print out an email, or a document that will only be seen by you or work colleagues, consider changing your print settings to print the document in draft mode. Darker colours will appear lighter and the text is less defined, but generally the difference to your print out is negligible compared to the money saved on printer ink. In some instances, you could be using up to half the amount of ink when printing in draft mode. If you need another reason to switch up your settings, draft mode can actually print faster!
Greyscale Printing
Colour printing costs more than black and white. So you should only be printing in full colour when absolutely necessary and when it is a final draft. The Greyscale setting will convert the colour in your document to a grey tone, saving you money on documents that are not final copies.
Double Sided Printing
Most printers will do duplex printing, so you should change your settings to ensure this is an automatic feature. A two page document prints on one page. A four page document prints on two pages. Six pages on three. Eight on four. Duplex printing will half the amount of pages needed for printing a document. This is perfect for reading through documents before they are ready to be finalised and printed to be handed to clients or managers.
Cheaper Paper
If you are printing documents on 90gsm paper, only for them to be shredded or recycled, ask yourself if that document could have been printed on 75gsm. The price difference over time is remarkable, and whilst you will notice a difference in quality, we don’t think it matters much for a document that is not vitally important. Save the good 90gsm stuff for when you absolutely need it and watch your printing costs plummet.
Follow these steps and you should start seeing the cost of your printing reduce, the way we see it, you can invest this money back into your company to help drive you to success!

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