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Get The Most Out Of Your Photocopier
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Getting The Most Out Of Your Photocopier
Despite modern technology allowing us to instantly send and receive important documents via email, the photocopier is still an essential piece of office equipment. Proper maintenance of this machine seems to have been lost as employees consider the care of the photocopier someone else’s duty. However, photocopier neglect can dramatically reduce the life of your machine, and put your business on hold for a sustained period of time.

Here are our top tips for proper photocopier maintenance which could save you time and money in the future.


Dust may look harmless and unnoticeable, but it is not. A build up of dust on the most essential parts of the photocopier can cause it to malfunction without warning. Common places dust can build up is the fans and electronics. When the fans are blocked by dust, the photocopier is not properly ventilated and can overheat causing a catastrophic malfunction for your machine. Similarly, when dust is allowed to settle on the electronics, it can affect their performance. You’ll often be unable to diagnose issues with your machine as being dust related unless you look inside and actually observe the build up. Weekly cleaning is recommended to help prevent future issues.

Touch Screen

How big is your office and how many people use the photocopier each day? When was the last time the screen was cleaned? As well as being vital for sanitary reasons, cleaning the screen can maintain screen responsiveness. It could prevent a future incident where you meant to press 10 copies but you accidentally pressed 100.

Glass Screen

Consistent use of the photocopier will inevitably leave marks on the glass screen and will affect prints in the future. These marks are often subtle and usually go unnoticed until you’ve printed a hundred copies of that important document and then notice a smudge at the bottom of the page. Proper maintenance of the screen is easy really, purchase any of the numerous screen cleaners available on the market and periodically clean the screen. Remember to dry the screen after cleaning to avoid causing any marks or scratches.

Paper Jams

When a paper jam happens the machine will automatically stop, and it will not start again until it cannot detect anymore paper in the machine where it shouldn’t be. This practise is very reliable, however as we’re sure you know already, when taking paper out of a paper jam, it has a tendency to rip into tiny fragments. If you experience a paper jam make sure you remove all the evidence carefully, and double check that nothing remains. Tiny fragments of paper are flammable and can cause serious damage to your machine under certain circumstances. If the machine is getting very hot and paper remains inside, this is a serious fire hazard and will be catastrophic for your business.

Our Servicing

We are extremely proud to be able to remotely monitor all of our machines with our Data Capture Service System. We can be alerted of any machine issues, servicing needs, parts in need of replacing, and meter readings. This means that providing you take good care of your machine, we’ll be able to spot any other serious issues with your machine, sometimes before you notice anything yourself.

We take an active role in the maintenance of your hired or leased machine as we know how important it is for the smooth running of your business. Find out more about our brilliant Equipment Servicing.

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