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How Can A Managed Print Service Help Your Business?
A Managed Print Service is a service offered by print providers to manage every aspect of your businesses printing machines, including environmental and cost efficiency. Most businesses don’t currently use a managed print service, and over the course of a year could be spending up to 15% of their annual budget on printing. By using a managed print service, you could cut that annual figure by up to 30%.

Does Your Business Rely On Printing?

If your business relies heavily on document printing, you essentially have three options available to you. You print via a commercial printers, outright buy your equipment and manage it yourself, or employ the experts in managed printing to look after your expenditure and control excessive printing.
The benefits of using a print service include, but are not limited to, the following:

Assessing your print environment: An in depth office assessment to conduct an audit of your print fleet, we’ll also set up automatic tracking of the volume of printing on each machine.

Auditing your printer assets: We check that all machines are running as efficiently as possible; we also begin to track the expenditure on machine consumables such as toner, paper and ink.

Simplified Supplies & Service Management: Don’t waste your time shopping around for the right toner, paper, and ink, we’ll give you one point of contact for everything related to your printing.

Security & Compliance: Install optional PIN or card access solutions to track and monitor individual departments and charge for usage accordingly.

For further information on the managed print service we offer, click here.
Fast Equipment Servicing
As the end of the calendar year draws ever closer, businesses are working hard to finalise deals, complete projects, and finish the year on a financial high. But what happens when your office equipment stops working and the smooth operation of your company is compromised?
For most businesses, the condition of their office equipment is solely their responsibility, which means if they do suffer an equipment failure or malfunction, it can take precious time trying to identify the problem and then resolve it. It doesn’t have to be this way though.
Thankfully, for our customers, we offer remote Equipment Servicing. We are proud to be able to remotely monitor all our machines whilst they are out in the field, using our Data Capture Service System. This means that when the printing, scanning, or copying machine notices a problem with its systems, our Data Capture Service will immediately alert our Service Centre. It is often the case that our Remote Team notice problems with your machines faster than you do!

Through the Data Capture Service, we can be alerted to any of the following issues:

1)Machine Malfunctions
2)Servicing Needs
3)Replenishment of Parts
4)Meter Readings
5)Toner Health and Life

In the instances where your machine would require expert help from a qualified technician, we are able to send them out to your business before you even have to call. We understand how valuable your time is, and an office machine not working can be a critical issue, our system of Equipment Servicing means your systems spend as little time of possible down before our field technicians can get you back up and running. 
Photocopiers In London
Looking for a photocopier in London can be a challenging situation. There are hundreds of businesses and providers claiming to have the ultimate photocopier solution for you, but how do you know who to turn to?

 At Equipment Rentals & Sales Ltd, we have been specialising in providing award-winning copier and document solutions for over 21 years. With us it is simple; we want to provide affordable, customised office workflow and integrated business technology, which is why we are incredibly proud to be one of Olivetti – Konica Minolta’s top photocopier dealers in the UK.

When we are approached by potential clients we offer a FREE cost analysis to help determine the perfect document solutions, equipment, accessories, and software within your budget. Rest assured we won’t just offer you the cheapest products to suit your budget; we will tailor equipment solutions with your specific business goals in mind.

Our Vision & Values

We believe in empowering people. Whether this is through our investment in training and development of our own staff, or listening to our customers’ needs and understanding.

We always work professionally. Nothing is a ‘problem’; we call those situations that need overcoming.

We strive for constant innovation. From looking for ways to innovate the technology we offer, or growing the relationships we have built.

We are honest and we are open. We’re not perfect, but having the perfect attitude will get us there, as long as we are prepared to learn from our experience we will continue to grow and offer a better service each day.

So if you need a photocopier in London, who do you turn to?
How To Cut The Cost Of Printing?
It is easy to forget about the build up of printing costs, a couple of sheets printed here, a couple of accidental colour copies there, they seem insignificant, but actually, they can build up to quite a substantial cost. Relax though – it is simple to change your printing habits and make your office run more efficiently and cost effective.
Draft Mode
If you absolutely have to print out an email, or a document that will only be seen by you or work colleagues, consider changing your print settings to print the document in draft mode. Darker colours will appear lighter and the text is less defined, but generally the difference to your print out is negligible compared to the money saved on printer ink. In some instances, you could be using up to half the amount of ink when printing in draft mode. If you need another reason to switch up your settings, draft mode can actually print faster!
Greyscale Printing
Colour printing costs more than black and white. So you should only be printing in full colour when absolutely necessary and when it is a final draft. The Greyscale setting will convert the colour in your document to a grey tone, saving you money on documents that are not final copies.
Double Sided Printing
Most printers will do duplex printing, so you should change your settings to ensure this is an automatic feature. A two page document prints on one page. A four page document prints on two pages. Six pages on three. Eight on four. Duplex printing will half the amount of pages needed for printing a document. This is perfect for reading through documents before they are ready to be finalised and printed to be handed to clients or managers.
Cheaper Paper
If you are printing documents on 90gsm paper, only for them to be shredded or recycled, ask yourself if that document could have been printed on 75gsm. The price difference over time is remarkable, and whilst you will notice a difference in quality, we don’t think it matters much for a document that is not vitally important. Save the good 90gsm stuff for when you absolutely need it and watch your printing costs plummet.
Follow these steps and you should start seeing the cost of your printing reduce, the way we see it, you can invest this money back into your company to help drive you to success!

For more information on managing your print costs, speak to one of our fantastic team