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Developing A New Office Cleaning Regime
With government lockdown restrictions being lifted, many businesses are heading back to work or making preperations to go back. What is very clear is that normal practice within the office is not going to be the same anymore. But what does this mean for shared equipment, and how can you ensure it remains safe to use for everyone? 

Shared equipment such as printers and photocopiers are known to habour bacteria even outside of a global pandemic, and it is always advised to regularly disinfect high touch point areas such as touch screens, buttons, paper trays and the glass screen. However, during this pandemic and for the foreseeable the frequency you disinfect these areas should increase. It's recommended that a thorough cleaning regime is developed so that the entire office receives a deep clean as often as possible, but also educating your employees to practice sensible hygiene procedure. To help promote this idea of safe practice it is advised to provide sanitising wipes and hand-gel in mulitple locations aroudn the office and particularly next to these high touch point areas. 

If staff members sanitised the photocopier before and after usage, then the risk of contamination is severely reduced. 

Most offices are now having to work at a reduced capacity and bringing staff in on a part-time basis so that multiple teams can be developed to avoid cross-over. However, what this means, particularly in smaller offices where abiding by the 2 meter distancing rule is more difficult, is that it is likely that people will be required to share desks with staff members from previous and future shifts. It is therefore, again, imperative to create a strict cleaning schedule for the end of each day. It is also the responsibility of the staff member to disinfect their workstation before and after working. 
Top 3 Ways To Reduce Business Costs
With some businesses slowly returning to the office, we thought now was a good time to offer our tips on reducing your businesses operational costs. Overhauling your processes can be a long and arduous task, but now represents a fantastic opportunity to do so. Some of these might seem obvious and so simple, but overtime they can significantly reduce your expenditure which could also help your business get back on it's feet faster. 

Digitally Store Data & Documents

Switching from paper-based processes to digitised documents can save you vast amounts of money on filing systems and office space. It also makes access to those documents very easy. With just a simple search on your system you can pull up that document from over a year ago that until just now you forgot about. Instead of endless paper cluttering your office, only print what you absolutely need to print. 

Save Money On Copying & Printing

Understanding what printing is not vital to your business processes is essential for reducing the amount of paper and toner waste. Before printing any document, ask whether it can be sent digitally first, more than likely it can and this will significantly reduce your need to replace toner or buy priting supplies. Unsure where to start on your management of this? We offer a Managed Print Service where we've managed to help some businesses reduce their operating costs by up to 30%!

Task Management Improvements 

With a more efficient document management system, you'll find that time spent searching for those documents is significantly reduced. Time that is better served working on your customer and client work. With a central management system you no longer need to rely on others to find documents for you too. 
We are open for business with conditions
With much uncertainty and understandable concern surrounding the current Coronavirus crises, Equipment Rentals & Sales Ltd are open for business and operating as usual with a few "better working practices in place" for our staff and your safety.

Most key employees are present for work, either working from home or from one of our office locations nationwide.  External meetings are being rescheduled using Skype.

Our warehouses and deliveries are fully operational for equipment and consumables.

Rental products have always been cleaned before and after each rental as a matter of course, but we have now introduced additional sanitisation using a trademark virus sanitiser Isopropanol.

On a day-to-day basis, we are updating contingency planning in preparation for possible further circumstances.

Please be assured that we are taking precautionary measures to minimise and contain any risk of contagion with the health of our employees and are following guidance and advice from Government
Managing Business Growth With Limited Cash Flow
Anyone who has attempted to get a business up off the ground will know how difficult it is in the early days to manage the expenditure when the income to the business is initially quite small. Problems arise when the expenditure is needed to help grow the income, but without the income you cannot afford the expenditure.

The trick in this situation is to cut back on costs where an alternative solution is available which helps to manage the cash flow. For example, your business may consider a photocopier an essential element which can be used to promote your services, print essential documents and printouts for client meetings. However, realising your cash flow, you may choose to instead opt for a lease or rental photocopier. Instead of paying one lump sum for your equipment, you could pay in easy to manage instalments.

In the early stages it is still largely unknown whether your business will succeed or not, so paying out hundreds to thousands of pounds on the latest printing technology is very unadvisable. Instead, consider a rental option, where you can choose the length of your rental term. You’ll know the technology is the latest and best available to date, and we can help you choose a model that suits your requirements. A photocopier rental with us also guarantees that if the copier needs a repair we will fix it at no extra cost, a new part we will replace it for free, new toner we will deliver it for free, and if we cannot fix the copier you will receive a replacement free of charge.