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Hosting an event soon? You may need this...

Are you planning an event? Think it’ll be enough to produce your own leaflets using your 2014 Inkjet Printer and 80gsm paper?

Think again.

First impressions matter, and this starts when you distribute your leaflets or hand out your business cards. Whilst your out-dated printer is more than capable of printing documents, letters, and invoices, it is not really up to the task of printing 500 leaflets in full colour with a nice glossy finish.

That’s why you should consider our laser printer options. We offer short-term hire on the latest technology, meaning you can get your hands on cutting edge technology for a period of time that suits you.

By renting your laser printer with Equipment Sales & Rentals Ltd we can help with set up, and stay on top of maintenance, (we often notice a problem with your machine before you do!)

Maybe leaflets aren’t your thing, and you are considering making some booklets?

We also have a range of desktop booklet makers. They range from small hand-fed machines, up to fully automated high quality production systems.

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5 Reasons to Rent Your Office Equipment with Equipment Rentals
Understanding the benefits of renting office equipment is vital before making any large office equipment purchase, particularly if you are a small company. We list five reasons why renting equipment with us is better than buying outright.

1) Use cutting edge equipment
How annoying is it when you spend a lot of money on a new printer or photocopier and two months later it is an old model? When renting with us you don’t have to worry about not having the best technology available as we always offer the leading and most recent products.

2) Help with budgeting
Only need a printer for a day or two? If you rent one of our state of the art photocopiers you can print your documents safe in the knowledge that it will cost you less than the upfront cost of a brand new machine with toner, ink, and paper.

3) No minimum rental period
Need a photocopier for a week and then never again? We offer daily, weekly, or monthly solutions to your problems, so whatever your reasons for renting the office equipment, get in touch and our experts will give you a free no-obligation quote

4) Maintenance
Found an error with our machine? We’re already aware. We remotely monitor our machines so any servicing needs or mechanical issues can be acted upon by our fully qualified field technicians. Unlike buying, renting means it is our responsibility to get it fixed as quick as we can spot it! 

5) Changed your mind?
Requirements changed? We understand your business needs, and we understand that sometimes unexpected changes happen. Renting with us means that should you not need your photocopier anymore; our expert team are ready to offer you alternatives to suit your requirements.
Read some of our testimonials to see how renting with Equipment Rentals can help your business.
Photocopiers Stevenage

Photocopiers Stevenage

Stevenage town is roughly 30 miles (50 km) north of central London, and is served by junctions 7 and 8 of the A1(M).  This makes it ideal for businesses to avoid the rents in London but still access the trade and talent.  It also houses many business parks like the Arlington Business Park and Business and Technology Centre. With so many businesses there, Stevenage has a massive appetite for photocopiers!

Located away from the residential parts of the Stevenage is the  main Industrial Area. MBDA (British Aerospace)  used to be the biggest employer in the town but has been overtaken by GlaxoSmithKline.  They have a massive pharmaceutical research laboratory complex , nicknamed 'The Palace' .  Stevenage is also home to other technological companies like Astrium,  manufacturing spacecraft and  related parts. With a reputation for industry, many in the town jokingly name it St. Evenage in an attemt to disguise that that live rather than simply work there. 

We've sold, rented or leased many photocopiers in Stevenage over the last few years, to businesses in the new town and the old town.  With great brands like HP, Canon, Duplo and many more, we're able to offer a better range than other local providers.

What's more, we've got a location just down the road in Letchworth!  That means we're nearby if you need a hand or advice on your photocopiers.

Rent, Lease or Buy your Photocopier

With more options on how you source your photocopy machine than most other providers, you can choose what suits you best!  We can show you how the costs compare and ensure you have the right machine for your photocopying needs.

A good photocopier will save time and money in the long run.  With the town still growing, set to expand west of the A1(M) motorway, you will want to grow your business with it.

Whether you are located in the new developments at  Great Ashby to the north-east or at Chrysalis Park on the old Dixon's Warehouse site (by the Pin Green Industrial Estate), we can supply machines to you.  We love Stevenage, we love photocopiers and we love providing you with a great service.  Get in touch today to see how we can help you!

Photocopier Hire London
When you're in the City, where do you get a photocopier?
Photocopiers can be an expensive investment, especially with repairs and supplies on top.  Hiring is actually a really cost effective option and is much less hassle.  

Photocopier Hire London

If you are looking to hire a photocopier in London, you migh be suprised at the prices you get back.  London based companies often charge a premium, sso we can usually beat any quote.  With a Branch located just outside London,  in Hertfordshire (a short distance from Barnet and Enfield), you get the benefits of having a local company without paying the premium.  We can help you whether you are in Greater London or in the outer boroughs.

photocopier hire london

Our expert advisors will aslo ensure you have the right model as photocopiers can be complex machines and very difficult to compare.  We'll find out what your usage is and make sure you get the most cost effective and reliable option.

What's not to love?  Gret prices, great service.  On top of that we offer lots of options, including hire, lease and purchase.

So if you are looking to hire a photocopier in London, get a quote form us today, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!