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Do I Need a Wide Format Printer?
Do I Need a Wide Format Printer?

Depending on the nature of your business and the sort of materials which need printing, you may benefit from wide format machines. In basic terms, using these instead of smaller and more conventional models would be hugely beneficial when creating large marketing banners, posters or even architectural drawings which can’t be easily read unless printed with broader visuals.  

What Does a Large Format Printer Do?

The key advantage for using large format printers would be the scale they can produce work and how this still retains the same clarity you would typically expect from smaller versions. This means that no matter the complexity of designs, they can be displayed with the utmost quality. 

What Can a Large Format Printer Print On?

There’s no real limitation in terms of appropriate materials, giving you the capacity to deliver work suitable for shop windows, major events or even bespoke artwork. This makes large scale printers an integral tool for promotional campaigns, where even the most ambitious concepts can be created to maximise your efforts.  

How Much Does a Large Format Printer Cost?

Large format printers can be rather expensive, but the cost may be necessary if you’re regularly printing large scale material. However, you may only require this for a short period of time, maybe to promote an upcoming event. In this case, perhaps printer hire would be the most suitable option, giving you what you need and only when you need it. You’ll also benefit from the latest technology and save lots of time, especially given how the machine will be fully serviced and ready to go upon arrival. 

What Are The Various Types of Printers?

Finding the most appropriate printer to suit your needs is vitally important, and in fact, there are loads of models away from large format machines which have been specially made for specific purposes. Below are some other printers to consider. 

3-D Printer 

One of the biggest advancements recently has been the emergence of 3-D printers. They create fully tangible products in three-dimensional form, helping people engage with new designs before moving them into the manufacturing stage. Lots of people also use these to create their own artwork. 

Laser Printer

In this fast-paced world of ours, time is of the essence. So to keep your business aligned with the soaring speed of everyday life, maybe consider laser printers, offering high quality finishes and always with exhilarating pace. 

What Can We Provide? 

If you need printed copies in a variety of sizes for the occasional project, then take a look at the office equipment hire options we have for large format printers. For maximum performance, we supply the HPDesign A1, offering you printing speeds for A1 sheets in just 45 seconds. With four colour printing technology and print resolution of up to 1200 x1200 dpi, you can print both dynamic graphics and intricate drawings with impeccable clarity. 

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Top 5 Pieces Of Equipment For Your Office
Top 5 Pieces Of Equipment For Your Office

Lots of people have now returned to the office after long stints working at home. Carrying out jobs within the comfort of our bedrooms is great, but being back in a more conventional setting is certain to provide a huge boost for people who enjoy more structured environments. Now that we’re back, it’s important to consider the most important pieces of equipment required for optimum functionality. Below are the most obvious and why they’re so important for modern businesses. 

5. Printer

Even though many businesses solely rely on digital formats for things like invoices or work schedules, certain operations are still likely to require printed versions. Having a printer ensures you have the capacity to utilise the benefits from having tangible copies of your most important documents, something which is often crucial for industries like engineering where large scale drawings need to be presented in this particular form. Whether you need printers for simple things like an agreement made with clients or large format printers for CAD drawings, their presence is certainly a crucial one. 

4. Photocopier 

Certain documents need to be available in large quantities, and that’s precisely where a good old fashioned photocopier will step up to the plate. It's such an easy yet effective piece of equipment that almost feels like part of the furniture in terms of typical office layouts. They offer a quick and productive means to produce large volumes of documents, offering single or double sided prints depending on your specific needs. 

3. Furniture 

You need to feel comfortable when working, otherwise it’s going to become a slog rather quickly. At the forefront of your concerns should be the chair you sit upon, and how this needs to be designed in accordance with your posture, so get something which keeps you upright and maintains a comfortable feeling throughout the day. Having quality desks is also essential, where the structure and layout needs to be conducive to a practical working environment for all. 

2. Telephone System 

Communication is key for businesses, whether that be internal conversations between staff members or sales calls with potential new clients. Have a look at your current telephone system and think about whether this has been designed to meet your needs, otherwise look for an alternative right away. Telephones are being modernised all the time with recent innovation like the HiHi Deskphone allowing you to speak with people similar to that of Zoom. This can be tailored to your business operation and usability is available wherever people are based, so great for companies who still allow staff to work from home. 

1. Computers

The world practically lives online and many businesses have completely realigned themselves to an existence purely digital. Without fast and user-friendly computers, you’re going to struggle to preserve a productive office, so always keep machines maintained on a regular basis. The internet is most important, so get Wi-Fi systems which can deal with lots of computers working at once. You should really clean computers after around 3-6 months, and shorter timeframes are recommended if you have sizable software installed.  

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When Is 3D Printing Useful?
When Is 3D Printing Useful?

You’ve probably heard of 3D printing but still have no idea what this actually means. You’re certainly not alone given how this innovation only recently came to light, but early indication would suggest this will likely play a huge role across certain industries for many years to come. Here, we have taken a close look at what 3D printing actually offers along with some of the key benefits. 

What Exactly is 3D Printing?

It’s really rather clever! 3D printing allows you to create three-dimensional objects from a computer file. The speed and accuracy in which this gets done makes for a nifty piece of software which has already benefited many businesses across the world. Once you’ve selected which designs you want to be made, the printer will lay down thin layers of material which are then fused together, handing you a tangible product. 

What Are The Advantages of 3D Printing?


Physical Realization of Proposed Products 

Drawings only really offer a glimpse into what something will look like once fully built. To get a stronger interpretation, you’re better off having a tangible product to look over, and that’s precisely what 3D printers offer. So, before a product is actually sent off for manufacturing, designers can thoroughly look over the concept with far more accuracy, instantly identifying key issues in a far more precise manner. 

Quick & Simple Process

The speed in which objects can be created makes it a great piece of software for fast-paced industries. It really could be a matter of days before multiple objects have been created with various modifications made each time, allowing designers to fine-tune their products before being sent off for final manufacturing. Changes are also simple to implement given how this gets done on a computer program. 

Great For The Environment 

Saving the planet is a hot topic, so if you’re conscious about having a negative impact on the environment, 3D printing is another great step to take on both a personal and professional level. Quite simply, far less components are needed for the manufacturing process, so less moving about. Waste will also be greatly reduced, and most materials used can easily be recycled. 


Businesses always need to save money wherever possible, so the fact 3D printing can reduce labour and material costs is yet more evidence that they could be a hugely positive addition to your business. Only one person is really required to press a few buttons, and the fact that even complex shapes can be made within remarkably effective time-frames means your entire operation can become so much more streamlined. 

Is Owning a 3D Printer Expensive?

Ok, 3D printing is great and all, but they are rather expensive. Never purchase these on a whim, but instead make sure to conduct thorough research and decide whether you really will benefit from owning one. They can sometimes cost upwards to £3,000, so not a great investment if they end up sitting to one side collecting dust. 

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Why Do Companies Rent Equipment?
Why Do Companies Rent Equipment?

Have you recently started working from your main office again? Then have you thought about the equipment? Many of us may be returning to work environments where existing devices have certainly seen better days, so how do you proceed? Persist with what you’ve got? Purchase brand new machines? Or look into office equipment rentals? We’re here to explain why the latter is often the best choice to make.

Easier to Access New Innovation 

The tech-world is changing all the time, so an office space with older models will largely affect productivity in quite a negative way. It can be incredibly expensive shifting your current line of machines to keep yourself updated, but switching to a rental system will still give you access to newer innovation, but without the hefty costs. 

Available When Needed 

Why pay for things you only use every so often? It doesn’t make sense, and it can certainly hamper your finances rather badly. Using rental equipment means you can select the precise machines you need for specific projects, whether that be large format printers, or photocopiers. This also means you’ll be saving space, especially since sizable machines can take up lots of room. 

Trial and Error 

Taking the decision to purchase brand new equipment is going to take sizable chunks out from your budget. It’s therefore vital you make informed decisions as to which models you purchase, and in many cases, getting an accurate perspective of how they work can only be done when using them. Renting equipment instead will give you the opportunity to try machines, and if they work well for you, then you’ll be able to make permanent purchases based on first-hand experience. 

No Disposal Costs 

If you own equipment, then you’ll know just how much time and money it can take making sure this has been either re-purposed or disposed of correctly. Once again, the process for renting equipment is much easier in this regard, and that’s simply because this will be dealt with by someone else. The end result is lots of vital time saved, and a much more eco-minded ethos established for your company. 

Easier to Manage Cash Flow

Business is really about making money, so getting to grips with your cash flow is absolutely crucial. If you’re shrewd and therefore always looking ahead, then you could easily predict periods of the year well advanced when equipment will be used more frequently, and then reduce this during quieter stints. Aligning your equipment needs with cash forecasts could prove immensely beneficial for the general finances around your business. 

Simple to Replace Things 

Once you’re started renting equipment, you may discover machines aren’t performing quite as they should, and therefore need to be replaced. It may even be that upgrades are required, and in both these cases, it shouldn’t cost too much to upgrade packages to satisfy your newfound needs. 

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