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Money Saving Tips for Start-ups in 2020
Whether you’re looking at setting up a start-up in 2020 or you already have an established business it has never been more important to save money for unknown expenditure and to see you through economic uncertainty. If you’re just starting out though it can be difficult to know where to save money and when to buy assets.

Small Business Money Saving Ideas

The first place to start is creating a cost-saving plan. Planning the financial expenditure you are aware of for the entire year and sticking to it is a good way to understand where your money goes and where you can make cutbacks to save money. Most small businesses begin at home; so if you are just starting out, could you save money on renting office space by converting a room in your home?

Comparing the market for better deals on your utilities is also a benefit. You could even track your energy usage with a smart meter to look after the pennies.

Small Costs Build Up

Buying a notebook and pens is hardly going to break the bank on the day you make the purchase, but if you add it to the other minor expenses throughout the year such as milk, coffee, tea, staples, postage, printer paper, printer ink and so on, eventually your list of minor expenses can total hundreds and thousands of pounds.

We’re not suggesting you banish tea and coffee from your home or office but consider bulk buying months in advance to save money or being more considerate about the wastage.

Office Money Savers

Despite being in the 21st century with incredible amounts of technology at our fingertips, businesses still rely on printing and photocopying facilities. It might not be every day, and you may have made the transfer to paperless invoicing and document storage, but there may still be a day when you are in desperate need for a reliable printer.

Unfortunately, most small businesses cannot justify the outright purchase of the latest printing technology, but why not consider renting or leasing?
At Equipment Rentals, we offer short term rentals for businesses just like yours. Why not check out our latest photocopying machines here. Or you can learn the difference between renting and buying here.
Why Lease a Printer
Even though most businesses are trying to do their bit for the environment and keeping most documents in digital form, the convenience of a printer is still evident. They are still so important that often you’ll find that it is one of the first big investments made by a company. However, to pay upfront for the latest printer technology will cost you a significant chunk of your savings or budget.

That’s where leasing comes in.

The latest high-tech printers capable of dealing with high volumes of printing will often set you back thousands of pounds and that doesn’t even cover the cost of management and repairs. At Equipment Rentals, we can offer the same printers for affordable monthly payments as a leasing package.

We have a great selection of printers and photocopiers to choose from and our experienced staff can help you choose the best one for your business. Towards the end of your lease we will also help you choose the newest and latest printer for your next lease. This ensures your business stays in line with the latest trends and can manage your growth.

We are licensed Credit Brokers so can offer expert advice on Leasing and Hire Agreements and can create affordable payment terms to suit your budget.
Take a look at our leasing offer and more information about why you should consider leasing your office equipment with us!
Best Printer for Architectural Drawings

As an architect, we’re sure you’ll be familiar with lots of tools and resources at your disposal to help make your workload easier to manage. Not only have you got lots of applications and software to contend with and get to grips with, you’ve also got printers of various quality to help show your designs to clients and subsequently engineers and builders when a project is up and running.

What if you had one printer that served all your needs? We strongly believe that the HP DesignJet T120 is the best printer for architectural drawings and is perfect as a permanent fixture in your office, or as a rented product on location.

Renting the HP DesignJet T120

The T120 is a large format printer that is capable of printing standard A4 sheets up to large A1 drawings from a paper roll. The printer also has paper trays for A4 and A3 to save on wastage for the smaller printers. This product prints an A1 sheet in 45 seconds which is very fast in today’s technology standards.

The 4-colour printing technology and a print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi makes this printer perfect for documents, technical drawings and plan prints, as well as full colour vibrant business graphics. Previous customers have used this printer for poster printing as well as building plans – it is entirely down to you what you use it for.

We want to make renting the T120 as easy as possible for you, so here it is:

You get:

High-Performance 24” DesignJet Printer

1 x Roll of A1 Paper

1 x Full Set of Ink

You pay:

From £45 per month on a minimum 3-month contract

3 months up front as a refundable deposit.


We are also happy to tailor this package more bespoke to you based on your needs. See our large printer page for more information.
Easy Ways To Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly

Most businesses these days are at least conscious of their carbon footprint and whilst they may want to improve their eco-friendliness these businesses just don’t know how to, or find the time to, make the effort. Here we have identified some easy steps you could take to improve the environmental aspects of your company.

Water Conservation

Having a leaky tap in your toilet or kitchen may only bother you for several minutes a day, then as soon as you leave the room it is easy to forget about it. But that dripping tap will continue to drip all day and all night, every day and every night, until you fix it. Each drip is contributing to the thousands of litres of water each year that is simply going to waste. How much money is this costing your business?


We’ve known about this for a very long time, but how many businesses are imploring its staff to practise regular recycling. Having separate bins for paper, card, plastic and glass will encourage people to use them. Most households in the UK already practise this, so the concept of recycling in this way is not strange.

Replace Old Appliances

Old electrical appliances will deteriorate over time and become a lot less energy efficient. Newer appliances are being created and redesigned all the time and these may have been improved in energy efficiency. Utilising the newer technology available will most likely speed your business procedures up and you’ll reduce your energy consumption which will save you money.

Source from Sustainable Suppliers

With the money saved from the previous tips, you could afford to spend a little bit extra on changing suppliers to an eco-friendlier one who supports sustainability. If you consume a lot of paper for printing, you could source this from a supplier selling recycled paper, or one that supports a sustainable forest.

Choose a Managed Print Service

A managed print service will analyse how you consume printing equipment and find underlying issues with your efficiency and document security. Its main goal is to find ways of controlling your business expenditure and improving efficiency. Because of this you’ll find your business runs more economical and is supportive of an eco-friendly lifestyle. By reducing the amount of paper, you use in printing, you are requiring less paper and contributing less to the cutting down of trees.

Find out more about our Managed Print Services here.