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We are open for business with conditions
With much uncertainty and understandable concern surrounding the current Coronavirus crises, Equipment Rentals & Sales Ltd are open for business and operating as usual with a few "better working practices in place" for our staff and your safety.

Most key employees are present for work, either working from home or from one of our office locations nationwide.  External meetings are being rescheduled using Skype.

Our warehouses and deliveries are fully operational for equipment and consumables.

Rental products have always been cleaned before and after each rental as a matter of course, but we have now introduced additional sanitisation using a trademark virus sanitiser Isopropanol.

On a day-to-day basis, we are updating contingency planning in preparation for possible further circumstances.

Please be assured that we are taking precautionary measures to minimise and contain any risk of contagion with the health of our employees and are following guidance and advice from Government
Managing Business Growth With Limited Cash Flow
Anyone who has attempted to get a business up off the ground will know how difficult it is in the early days to manage the expenditure when the income to the business is initially quite small. Problems arise when the expenditure is needed to help grow the income, but without the income you cannot afford the expenditure.

The trick in this situation is to cut back on costs where an alternative solution is available which helps to manage the cash flow. For example, your business may consider a photocopier an essential element which can be used to promote your services, print essential documents and printouts for client meetings. However, realising your cash flow, you may choose to instead opt for a lease or rental photocopier. Instead of paying one lump sum for your equipment, you could pay in easy to manage instalments.

In the early stages it is still largely unknown whether your business will succeed or not, so paying out hundreds to thousands of pounds on the latest printing technology is very unadvisable. Instead, consider a rental option, where you can choose the length of your rental term. You’ll know the technology is the latest and best available to date, and we can help you choose a model that suits your requirements. A photocopier rental with us also guarantees that if the copier needs a repair we will fix it at no extra cost, a new part we will replace it for free, new toner we will deliver it for free, and if we cannot fix the copier you will receive a replacement free of charge. 
Renting vs Leasing: Photocopiers in London
Whilst leasing can provide a much more affordable and reliable solution for acquiring the latest printing technology for your business. Some businesses only require the use of a printer for short periods of time. For example, you may be hosting an event soon and require marketing materials to be printed, or you may need a temporary solution for plan printing on a building site. In these instances, a long-term lease might not be suitable – which is why we also offer short term rental options.

Renting A Photocopier

Whether you need a photocopier, printer, or other office equipment for a day, a week, or a month we can offer you the very latest technology alongside unparalleled service and support. With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, we have become the preferred choice for equipment renting for businesses up and down the country.

Our short-term rentals can be delivered the very next day and exactly when you need it most. We cater for every situation, so whether you need a single unit or to fit out an entire office we are on hand to deliver the right equipment at the right time. To ensure you’re getting value for money, we even send out our friendly certified technicians with the delivery to help set up the equipment; this way you’ll have a hassle-free experience. All our technicians are DBS checked too!

Need more reasons to get in touch with us for a rental? See our ‘Why Rent?’ page!

How Can I Print Documents For Cheap?
Professionally printed documents can be essential for your business, and mass-producing copies can be vital for securing new clients or passing information throughout your company. One option you have is to visit a professional print service who will have your printing ready for you ready to collect at a specific time. Whilst this solves the issue of the scale of the print, it can be a costly experience, and print shops charge a premium for the luxury. It also allows you to get on with other areas of your work whilst the printing is taken care of by someone else.

In-house Professional Printing

There is another solution for businesses though. If you are interested in finding the cheapest printing options for your business then a high-quality, high-specification photocopier lease may be exactly what you need. We have a range of machines that could be perfect for your business from well-recognised brands such as Canon, Olivetti, Konica Minolta, HP and Ricoh. By letting us know of your business needs and the number of documents you’re likely to need printing on a regular basis we can advise you on the most suitable product. Whether that’s a mono-printer, a full-colour A3 photocopier, or a Large Format Printer for architectural plan printing, we have something for you.

3 Copies For Less Than A Penny

Our customers are seeing the price of their professional printing drop as low as 0.29p per copy. This works out to just 1p for every three sheets printed! This includes the cost of the paper, the ink and the cost of running the machine too. How’s that for a valued print?

Not Just Photocopier Leasing

We don’t just offer photocopier rental and leasing; we are also working with companies for Manager Print Services where we have helped some clients reduce their costs by up to 30%! We can provide photocopier maintenance and service, where our efficient system will alert us of any issues so we can respond to them before you have even noticed an issue!

We also stock and provide a range of office supplies to keep your organisation well equipped. See here, full product range.

Get in touch with our team today and we’ll help fit out your company to assist your growth.