Rent, hire or lease laser printers, photocopiers or any IT equipment you may need, we have it all!
Photocopier & Printer Hire Hertfordshire Hull Staffordshire Photocopier & Printer Hire Hertfordshire Hull Staffordshire Photocopier & Printer Hire Hertfordshire Hull Staffordshire Photocopier & Printer Hire Hertfordshire Hull Staffordshire
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Why Rent?

Whether you need equipment for a day, a week, a month, or longer, we offer the most technologically cutting edge rental equipment along with unparalleled service and support. We offer a complete product range from laser printers to the latest and fastest multi-functional devices; everything you need for your copying, printing, scanning or faxing requirements. This has proved especially effective for exhibitions, conferences and other events where short-term rental is vital.

With over 25 years experience in the industry, Equipment Sales & Rentals Ltd has become the preferred choice for renting copying and printing equipment to major hotels, show management, media production, meeting planners, law firms, construction sites and many more businesses. Renting is convenience. It can provide many benefits, as well as solving a host of problems.

Easy in and easy out short term rentals

We can deliver at short notice 24/7.

You rent equipment only as and when you need it. Absolute convenience.

We cater for every situation and need. No matter how large or small.

Our skilled consultants will ensure that we provide the right equipment to meet your specifications.

Our equipment is all quality tested to ensure top performance.

We are DBS compliant.

We are fully insured and our friendly certified technicians will deliver and set up the equipment to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Some of our satisfied customers are Tony Awards, BAFTA, Chelsea Flower Show, 2012 London Olympics, Aston Martin, Jaguar cars, Renault, The 02, The ExCel, to mention but a few.

Whether you are using our short, medium or long term rental option, you can be assured that if…

Copier repair

Your copier breaks down we will fix it at no extra cost

Copier parts

Your copier needs a part we will replace it free of charge


Your copier needs toner we will deliver it free of charge


We can’t fix your copier we will replace it free of charge

Longer term rentals – Not lease

No risk.

No large capital outlay.

No complex long-term leases. Our minimum rental is 3 months, so you can update your equipment in line with your growing business demands.

No locked down rental agreements. Only 3 months notice to terminate at any time.

No pushy commission chasing salesmen.

No overinflated quotes.

No expensive mistakes. You remain in control.

No false promises. Our plain English agreement has a total of approx 290 words.

No need to depreciate the copier. Conserve capital by simply writing the rental cost off as a business expense – 100% tax deductible.

No worry about disposal of old equipment. Just update the equipment as your needs grow.