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Returning To The Office Checklist | Equipment Rentals
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Returning To The Office Checklist
It appears as if the world may be returning to some form of normality as shops look to re-open and a much needed return to the local pub could also be on the cards. From a business perspective, the reduction over some of the most frustrating restrictions means many of us may be returning to the office over the next few days, whether that be a permanent transition or as part of a part-time arrangement between home working.

Either way, there are loads of things like photocopier rental services that need to be considered in order to maximise the effectiveness of working in an office, as well as many other areas of concern which will need to be implemented right away for maximum productivity within your team. 

As always, we are ready to offer a wide range of services that ensure businesses have the right technological solutions in place for quality workmanship no matter what style of operation you have established. With so many things to get your head around, we have decided to highlight some of the key areas we can offer some form of support as you make your much anticipated return to the office.

Managed Printing 

Working from home has meant lots of paperless forms of communication have been brought into the fold on a more frequent basis, however general office operations are likely to require paper based documents for things like accounting and scheduling. We all know that this can take a real stranglehold over businesses finances, which is why monitoring where and how frequent printing is taking place can help you save considerable amounts of money every single year. 

A striking statistic around managing printing is the fact this has the potential to reduce overall business costs by up to 30%. Our services centre around how we can identify crucial knowledge needed to make informed decisions about how best to utilize printing equipment, whilst maintaining the same levels of efficiency with your processes. With a permanent analytical tool in place, relevant improvements can be made where necessary to ensure overspending is never a cause for concern. 

Equipment Servicing 

If you have been working from home for a very long time, then the equipment usually called upon in the main office won’t have been given much attention for a substantial period. During your work from home exploits, there is every chance that computers, printers and photocopiers may have incurred some functional issues that may not be easily identified by yourself, in which case getting professional equipment servicing may be necessary to ensure you have an office filled with devices ready to get your team going once again. 

Any machines supplied by Equipment Rentals can be easily monitored by our team remotely, so we are likely to know already of things are set for your return. Should certain equipment display issues, then we can call upon our field technicians to take a deep dive into any faulty machines and work out how to best get them back into working order. We pride ourselves on prompt response rates, and managed to post an average time of 3.5 hours nationally back in 2016. 

Printer and Photocopier Leasing 

Even though photocopiers and printers are crucial for a company to work correctly, many start-up businesses find it hard financing what can be a large portion of money needed to get them in place. With this in mind, we have always been huge advocates for leasing programs that allow businesses to get the machines they need in a more budget friendly manner. When all said and done, paying up front is not realistic if you have only just launched! 

Much like cars, these devices will lose their value after around 3-5 years and will have certainly fallen well behind in terms of emerging technologies that have helped to shape the industry. After a leasing period comes to an end, you will be handed more up-to-date models which are in tune with current advancements. Another great benefit from leasing would be tax efficiency, where you will only be required to deduct tax quarterly, rather than making one large payment.

Corporate Event Equipment Rentals 

Are you planning a major corporate event to publicize your business or to get products into circulation among the masses? Then you will soon realise just how much printing is usually required to ensure you are all set for a prosperous event to help push you and your team forward. This also means that the level of printing may be increased, so perhaps think about whether a short term loan for more equipment may be necessary. 

No matter what devices you feel may be required, we can supply all the machines you will need to print any posters, leaflets and banners ready for the big day. For over 25-years, we have been helping businesses maintain a prompt and responsive printing procedure with next day printing hire that suits their specific needs. This means you are more free to work on other things for the event, such as travel arrangements and any important speeches you have planned. 

Large Format Printers 

Any office environments that are concerned with work surrounding large building projects may benefit from having printers that come with the capacity to provide multiple copies of plans in different sizes. It’s also common for projects to oversee some alterations as the work gets going, so having a machine that can supply a consistent stream of papered plans is obviously a major course for concern if you work as an architect or project manager. 

To ensure this type of work can be conducted effectively, we have a range of large format printers that can supply standard A4 sheets and much larger variations. If you need an A1 copy, then this can be handed to you within 45 seconds, helping you visualise any plans within incredibly proficient time-frames. Images will come with resolution of up to 1200x1200 dpi, offering something ideal for technical drawings and anything with detailed graphics. 

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Get set for the big office return in the right way and make sure your equipment is up to scratch! Simply contact our team today if you’re interested in our range of loan and lease services, or if you need us to complete some repairs. 
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