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Managed Print Services
From SMB to large enterprises, Managed Print Services offer a solution to identifying any underlying issues concerning a company’s print and copy efficiency and office document security. MPS is an easy way to control business expenditure and improve efficiency.
Managed Print Services

Print Audits offer crucial information on exactly how much and where a company spends on their printing, copying and scanning fleet. You could reduce your business operating costs in this area by up to 30%. Equipment Rentals & Sales Ltd will help you to optimise business processes, gain vital inner working knowledge and evaluate spending in context, eliminating bottle necks, regaining control, and lowering associated office technology costs. This part of your business is known as the last great area of uncontrolled costs. Together we can fix this!

How does Managed Print Services work?

Our combination of industry expertise and technical knowledge means that Equipment Rentals & Sales Ltd can provide you with an approach that truly delivers cost and efficiency improvements.

In addition you will be given access to log into our Print Manager to manage your fleet of printing devices. Working in partnership with Equipment Rentals & Sales Ltd you will enjoy the benefits of knowing that your company’s print workflow is constantly monitored, efficient and under control.

Define, Measure and Analyse

Our Print Audit Specialist will visit you to design your custom assessment roadmap. Using our proven Lean Five Sigma analysis, our leading edge data-driven measurement tool, we will track a physical audit giving statistical data of your fleet to determine all relevant work flows and running costs. Data will be gathered, information will be analysed and our specialist will return with our Print Audit Report which will provide full details on your entire fleet and give you an accurate Total Cost of Ownership figure.

Improve and Implement

Together we will review the Print Audit Report to identify areas of opportunity that will improve efficiencies and reduce costs within your environment. We will advise on the most effective positioning and deployment of new and retained devices, and recommend the use of rules and routing to control and monitor output. Once a strategy and timescale are agreed, Equipment Rentals & Sales Ltd will work closely with you to implement the plan in a way that minimises operational downtime and achieves optimum results.

Manage and Control

Once implementation has taken place, our skilled team will be your valued partner in managing the ongoing office technology needs of your operation - freeing up your staff to focus on the core mission of your business. We will continue to work with you to deliver cost and environmental savings on a consistently reviewed basis.

What are Managed Print Services ?
In Depth Office

Inventory of your fleet by Print Audit.

Automatically tracks volumes of all devices.

Creates comprehensive reports to detect any inefficiency.

Maximise Printer

Device optimisation.

Tracks total cost of ownership highlighting costly items.

Assists in smooth running of devices which increases employee productivity.

Automates information regarding meters, supplies and toners.

Simplify Supplies
Service Mangement

Inventory of your fleet by Print Audit.

Automatically tracks volumes of all devices.

Creates comprehensive reports to detect any inefficiency.

and Compliance

Increases security regarding production and management of documentation.

Provides audit trails for tracking of usage.

Secure print release service.

Offers integration of PIN or card access solutions to monitor and charge individual departments for their usage.

Questions to ask your potential MPS provider
  • Can the provider integrate within my existing IT structure?

  • Security is paramount. Does the provider collaborate with the best-in-class security companies like CISCO and McAfee to deliver embedded hardware security solutions?

  • How will the provider support my mobile workforce?

  • Can the provider improve workflow automation or optimise processes?

  • Does the provider have strategic vision to grow with my future needs?

  • Is the provider serious about helping you print less?

  • What tools does the provider offer to accurately assess current infrastructure?

  • How will the provider accurately measure and report cost reductions?

  • Does the provider have solutions that address environmental and sustainability goals?

  • Can the provider manage office production and marketing service across your entire enterprise?

Nationwide Copier and Printer service
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