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Office Equipment Servicing

What gives Equipment Rentals & Sales the edge when it comes to our offer of printer and copier servicing  and how does this benefit you?

Office Equipment Servicing using Remote Monitoring

What gives Equipment Rentals & Sales the edge when it comes to our offer of printer and copier equipment servicing? And how does this benefit you?

We are proud to be able to remotely monitor our printer and copier machines out in the field with our Data Capture Service System. This will aid your business by alerting our Service Centre to:

  • Any machine issues.

  • Servicing needs.

  • Replenishment of parts and consumables.

  • Meter readings.

  • Parts and toner life.

So, we are actively responding to any issues before you are aware of any yourself!

We know that smooth-running print and copier devices are critical to your business. Our system is designed to ensure the least amount of downtime when issues arise, and that we will have all the necessary parts before our field technicians attend your site.

Service and Support

The most important part of our business is the repair and servicing of our customers devices – whether they are printers, copiers, MFDs, scanners, or faxes.  Our ongoing support system is designed to maximise fleet uptime for all our customers, allowing your business to operate uninterrupted. We pride ourselves on our efficient and excellent remote and pro-active on-site support.

Our dedicated and experienced control staff team use their knowledge and history of our customers and their business systems to ensure the efficient scheduling and use of our field technicians.

Field calls are allocated using our in-house “field software” solution that securely transfers all field work directly to the secure tablet device of one of our technicians prior to the start of the day, and during the day when appropriate. We will always do our best to accommodate any specific time request you may have. Field technicians have access to all relevant material required for the activity including technical manuals, parts orders/lists, any site access issues or restrictions and customer special requests.

With our competitive call-out response time, we aim to have a field technician with you within one business day, wherever you are in the UK. In fact, our average response time from receiving a service call to a field technician arriving on-site is 3.5 hrs nationwide.

This is based on our standard low-cost 8 hour SLA. 4 hour service plans are also available.

With Equipment Rentals & Sales you will get the right machine for your business and your budget, as well as unparalleled and continued service and support.

All of our Copier Maintenance Agreements give you peace of mind and  include:
  • All inclusive price-per-copy for black/white or colour copies.

  • All parts, labour and toner automatically replenished.

  • Unlimited service and repair call-outs.

  • Manufacturer trained, experienced and friendly technicians.

  • Cover for the whole of the UK.

  • Free telephone support from UK support centre.

  • Fix while on phone or fast call-out response time.

The quality and standard of our work is judged by our customers on a daily basis. We are very proud of our service standards and have worked extremely hard to deliver outstanding service to all our customers. Our service has been recognised with the

ISO 9001-2001 Certification, since 2010, which ensures our basic standards
are recognised nationally.

A reputation is what someone else says or believes about you not what we say about ourselves. Please take time to read some of our Testimonials...

Copier and Printer servicing Nationwide
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