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Some of the companies we have worked with

Short Term Hire

Previously we have supplied equipment to:

Tony Awards, BAFTA, The ExCel, The Langham, The Tower,

The Savoy, The Dorchester

and more.

You rent equipment as and when you need it; this makes it ideal for businesses in the lead up to major events, or businesses looking to update their technology as they grow.


Our previous customers have hired A4 and A3 printing solutions to help manage large scale document printing in the build up to AGM’s and Registration events, or Direct Marketing Systems to produce marketing material before festivals and sporting events.

Our short term rentals are ideal for low risk and low commitment printing solutions. You’ll receive high-performance technology for a length of time specified by you, in as little as 24 hours.


Medium Term Hire

Previously we have worked with:


The O2,



Aston Martin

and more.

Are you in need of high-specification equipment for a longer period of time, but still want to remain in control of the rental period?


Our medium term rental agreements are perfect for construction sites and offices. We offer a range of large format printing solutions for a period of time that suits you, meaning that should a newer technology emerge, you are free to return your equipment and rent the newest machines.

Our rental agreements are simple to understand and lay out the terms of the rental is straight forward English – in fact, our agreement has approximately 290 words.

Long Term Hire

Previously we have supplied equipment to:

London 2012 Olympics,

Chelsea Flower Show 

and more.

With our long term rental agreements, we do not tie you down.


Give us three months notice to terminate your current rental agreement and we will be happy to oblige and help you transition either to a longer term printing solution, or an upgrade to the latest technology.


Our long term rentals are perfect for businesses looking for sustained and managed growth, where the option to upgrade your office equipment in line with the latest technology exists as a viable and sensible option.

If you were to outright purchase your office equipment, when it is time to dispose of the old equipment and upgrade, you would have to worry about safe and environmentally friendly ways of disposing of the machine. With Equipment Rentals, we take care of the old technology, allowing you to upgrade with ease.

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