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  • Alison Haley

Why your event needs short-term printing equipment.

Events are often a vital component for a business, whether it's launching a new product, training courses, annual conference, or a glittering awards event. They can be the main focus for entire industries like music, film and TV, hospitality, or sporting events. Whatever the event or industry, meticulous planning, communication, and efficient document management are absolutely vital to their smooth running.

When it comes to the integral printing and photocopying needs on site, for such occasions, taking your own equipment may simply not be an option and relying on existing office equipment within the venue's business centre may not be sufficient, not to mention logistically fraught, totally impractical - and expensive, so most companies turn to short-term hire options for the duration of their events.

What can you achieve at your event by renting short-term printers and multifunctional printer/copiers?

By hiring printers and photocopiers, for events, companies of all sizes, training centres and organisers of large public events can ensure that the occasion runs smoothly. Documents and results are available immediately and staff and delegates have access to all the necessary information and materials they need. Anyone who organises events knows that anything can change at a moment's notice so being prepared to produce updates is crucial to the event and to their own well-being.

  • Reports and Results: Annual events, like Wimbledon, Henley Regatta and world and regional Athletics meets, for example, need to print continuous real-time results of scores and times. These events will require a fleet of reliable networked printers to produce reports for the events and for the press. It's much easier for a venue to hire in dedicated machines for the duration of these events, to ensure continuity and will work with a company who specialises in short-term rental and service to make sure all the machines are delivered, set-up and maintained throughout the event.

  • Press Offices: At every large exhibition or public event, the Press Office, usually a temporary area set up specifically for an event, is always a hive of journalistic and editorial activity. The press need to use multifunctional printer/copier/scanners (MFPs) to scan images and press releases supplied by exhibitors, for emailing content back to their publication offices for deadlines and mobile printing from their smart devices. The latest ranges of MFPs are perfect for these environments but, with shows lasting no more than a few days, many Press Office Managers find it better to hire their print equipment for the duration.

Whether you're running an exhibition, awards event, training course or corporate conference, hiring a printer or multi-functional printer/copier/scanner for the duration of the event can provide so much peace of mind when changes occur, or in an emergency, if your printed materials fail to arrive on time due to traffic and logistics issues, your documents are damaged in transit - or are left behind on a desk in the office hundreds of miles away.

  • Event Signage: Event organisers often rely on hiring print equipment for printing large banners, posters, and signs for event branding and directions. All seasoned event organisers know that last minute signage is often needed for producing additional directions or security notices, making last minute reserved seating signs, table seating plans or posters and brochures that haven't been delivered in time. With in-built banner printing capabilities, oversized paper handling and paper drawers that can handle thick card, it makes sense and saves time and money, to print banners and signs on-demand at the event.

  • Badges and IDs: Often hours are spent, before an event, preparing visitor badges, IDs, or nametags featuring the delegates' name and other relevant information. However, sometimes a different attendee, to the one who was originally expected, may arrive or it is discovered that a name or job title is incorrect on a pre-printed badge, so being able to print ID badges when visitors arrive, on a handy rented printer, using a pre-designed template, can help save time and ensure accuracy.

  • Agenda or Programme Printing: Printing event schedules, agendas, or programmes for attendees on your hired printer or MFP allows visitors to have accurate and up to date information throughout the event. It saves time printing before the event, avoids paper being damaged during the journey to the venue and any changes required can be made instantly, without the heart-stopping panic.

  • Marketing Collateral: On-demand printing of marketing materials such as flyers, business cards and brochures can be printed quickly, at an event, and in very high quality. This is especially useful if more people attend than were expected and stocks of marketing materials run out or updated press-releases are needed to be delivered to the Press Office. Catalogues are also easy to produce, fold and staple, at the touch of a button, as MFPs can be provided with a range of booklet and staple finishers to manage this type of requirement effortlessly and can also handle thick card with ease.

  • Forms and Surveys: Forms for participants to complete, such as feedback surveys, registration forms or order forms can be produced efficiently with your own short-term hired printer. They can be printed on-demand, when required, duplexed to save paper, in either black and white or full colour, and with an off-set stapler on many machines, you can even attach delegates' business cards to the form or survey. It's productive and avoids hours of late-night preparations back at the office.

  • Training Materials: Nearly all training courses will have some sort of training manuals, handouts, or course materials for delegates to take away, or work on during workshop sessions conducted during the event. Any additional information or changed details are often sent on after the event, and can get lost or lose their impact so, by having a printer on-hand means that any changes can be quickly produced and provided on the day.

  • Presentations: If your event is a conference or is presentation-based, like a lecture or seminar, a colour printer or multi-functional copier-printer, behind the scenes, can produce hand-outs for attendees to either follow during the presentation or take away with them later. It's possible to provide the hand-outs digitally but delegates are more likely to look at a 'hard version' after the event has finished - we all know that USB sticks or emails are often ignored once an event has ended.

  • Legal Documents: If the aim of your event is sales oriented and products or services are expected to be paid for on the day, there are likely to be contracts, agreements or other legal documents, that need to be signed and exchanged during the event. Having a printer ready to produce the documents allows transactions to be handled quickly, securely and efficiently and receipts can also be supplied to complete a successful sale.

How Equipment Rentals & Sales Ltd can help you.

With over 20 years’ experience, Equipment Rentals & Sales Ltd has continuously met the challenges of flexible timeframes and short-term product rental needs for companies and events. With an in-depth knowledge of ever-evolving technology and our commitment to excellence, we have been able to act quickly to provide the right equipment, at the right time, for events in the UK and Europe. Our experience has earned us an enviable reputation for dependability, reliability and innovation in the events and hospitality field.

Next day Printer & Copier Hire

We understand that time is of the essence when preparing for an event. That's why we provide a fast service, ensuring that customers who contact us, or complete our contact form, today can have their printing solution delivered the very next day. We also go the extra mile by assisting in setting up and managing the printing project, alleviating the stress associated with event planning.

Our goal is to increase the organisers’ productivity, in the lead-up to your event, helping them to meet tight deadlines and deliver high quality materials, fast results and to ensure we are on-site with the right equipment ready to support the event.

We can supply to any event, from small business conferences to the Chelsea Flower Show. We have also had the privilege of working with high-profile venues, including London’s Excel, the O2 and Royal Albert Hall. We’ve also installed equipment to support the MTV Awards in Germany, Budapest and Paris, The Grove for the G7 Summit, and luxury hotels including the Dorchester and Savoy in London, so we make sure our products and our service are of the highest quality.

Contact us to find out more:

Tel: 0800 953 1597


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